Logo AeroSPI


  • You are a technological Small and Medium-sized Enterprise that provides bricks in the chain of missions dedicated to surveillance/observation, to protection and to intervention.
  • You want your know-how to be more visible for international end-users, and you look for the opportunity to talk to them.
  • You search for complementary companies of the same size as yours in order to be able to provide together a comprehensive solution.
  • You look for an exhibition dealing with surveillance, protection and intervention issues, which will enable you to comprehensively understand this market and to have direct connection with its main private and public stakeholders.

If you belong to one of these categories, do not hesitate one more minute and come exhibit at AeroSPI 2018, an exhibition organized by and meant for technological Small and Medium-sized companies.

Please, fill in the downloadable form below and send it back to contact@aerospi.fr.